2014 was a devastating year for me. I had every excuse available to just allow the months to follow to swallow me whole. But instead I strapped on some new gym shoes, grabbed my life by the horns and rode that bitch hard. 

This past year wasn't easy. I had to learn how to navigate my grief. I left a toxic relationship. Settled into our new home. Made new friends. I had to find the right balance of allowing myself to cry but also hold my shit together daily for the kids.

Writing has been a healing process. Cricket has been a rewarding project to keep me busy. But the gym has been a gift. Giving myself an hour or two a day to be present in my body. To work towards a goal and to really invest in my health has made me feel stronger then ever, mentally and physically. I'm so very grateful for my health and the happiness it's brought me. 

I don't have very many pictures of myself from "before" because I use to hide from the camera, But the top left is me close to my heaviest in '11. I went on to have 2 more babies after this picture so my progress was slow and discouraging. I started and stopped several different things more times then I could count. 

The rest of these photos are from this year. After I actively started working out,sticking with it and really enjoying myself. It feels awesome to end this year 2 sizes smaller then I started and to have gained so much energy, strength and ambition.  
2016 I'm coming for ya. 

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