I bet..

9 months today. 
I should have a 9 month old. 

All I could think today was "I bet.."

I bet she'd be walking 
I bet she'd be full of mischief 
I bet she wouldn't keep shoes on 
I bet she'd play in the bus with us
I bet she put all these darn Legos in her mouth 
I bet she'd love the water now that the weathers warm 
I bet her chubby baby booty would look cute in a swim suit  
I bet Wren would be sweet to her "baby"
I bet she would love to swing at the park with the girls today 
I bet she'd eat some beans and tomatoes from dinner tonight 
I bet her hair would be light
I bet her eyes would be blue 
I bet she'd beautiful 
I bet she'd be happy
I bet she'd love us
I know I'd love her