I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons. Most importantly for myself. Yep, something for me! I find myself thinking a lot these days and needing an outlet for those thoughts. I wanted a way to document so that I can look back on this journey over time.
Secondly, for Willow. If she was here with me we would be spending all our time together. We would talk and sing and cry. I would of taken dozens and dozens of photos by now, shared silly stories about her personality, her milestones or things the other kids thought of her. Here I can share what life is like without her, how much we miss her and the tokens I collect or symbols that come into my space to remind me that she is still with me in some way.
Last but not least, I want to share our story with others. Infant Loss is taboo, and that will continue to exist if we let it. Many of my friends have reached out to me over the past few months, and I appreciate it more then I can convey. I want to continue sharing with those that are interest, while staying mindful of those who are not. I will more then likely link my blog to my FB page which will allow people the option to click and read if and when they choose.

The fine print, in bold

I don't consider myself a writer, so bear with me.

I swear a lot. 

I do not do anything in my life out of malice. So if I offend you, I apologize.

I will be typing thru tears, overly tired, sensitive or with a toddler on my lap fighting for my keyboard. 

I will more then likely have typos, bad grammar, lazy structure and little if no time to edit.

Actually, the thought of this having to be perfect makes me not want to bother.
So, gimme a break or in your spare time feel free to volunteer as my editor. wink wink

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